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Aust Ch Teviot Gracious Melody   (16/8/2006 - )


Sally (born 16/8/2006) was my first baby Beagle to show, and she was picked specifically as her blood lines compliment those of Scot (Aust Ch Teviot Scot O Lauderdale), and she was to be Scot's future "wife", and the foundation bitch for Melodale Beagles.  Sally was a happy little puppy, very pretty, very cute, but a bit of a so and so in the show ring to start with.  I persevered, and suddenly it all clicked, and she has always been, since then, a delight to take in the ring.  She will show for anyone, so if I have my hands full with another dog or bitch, she will happily trot in beside another handler without a problem.  To date Sally has over 250 points, and was titled fairly early, at 17 months, considering she was such a naughty girl to start with.  She also received many Class in Group awards, and a Junior in Show under the late Ken Pierce (VIC), when the day got hotter and hotter, and the other dogs were wilting, but she just got better and better!


Sally was mated to Scot in February 2009, and on 2nd April 2009, had a lovely litter of 4 puppies (1 tri boy, 1 t/w girl, and 2 t/w boys).  The boys were all big chunky pups, the girl a little smaller, but all nicely marked, and after a hiccup to start with for the girl, who got pneumonia at 2 days old from inhaling milk and was very sick for several days, Holly pulled through out of stubbornness and quickly put on weight and thrived.  


Sally was mated to Fergus (Aust Ch Teviotdale Drovers Dream), a dog I have always admired since first seeing him in 2005, in December 2010, and had her second litter on 21st February 2011.  There were two tri boys and one tri girl this time, no tan and whites, which was to be expected, as Fergus is a "double black".  Unfortunately we lost the first boy after about 15 - 20 minutes, possibly due to having been in the birth canal a little too long and breathing in fluids, but the other two pups were both big and strong, and came on in leaps and bounds.  These two became Drover and Dee Dee and both stayed with us.

Now, in 2017, Sally is enjoying her retirement, and being the matriarch of the Melodale Pack.  At 11 years of age, she is a beautiful, mature lady who loves life, enjoys romping around the property here in Tarnagulla, giving voice and playing with the youngsters.  Looking forward to maybe showing her in some veteran classes now she is 11 years of age, although there aren't many shows that have classes for the veterans these days.  She still loves to get a show lead on and strut her stuff, and she can show the young ones how it's done!



Aust Ch Melodale Outback Daffodil  (2/4/2009 - )



Holly went with us to Adelaide in September 2009 for the 9th Beagles National Show, where she was placed 5th of about 18 Baby Puppy Bitches, under UK judge Ann Tofts (Jarrowley Beagles).  Holly was also placed 3rd out of 49 baby puppy bitches at the Adelaide Royal, so I was very happy and proud of my little munchkin!




Holly was then placed 1st in the Minor Puppy Bitch class (and Best Opposite) at the Beagle Club of Victoria Championship Show in October 2009 under USA judge Molly Martin.  She also won the Baby Puppy Bitch, and Best Puppy, in the Sweepstakes under UK Judge Mike Kenny (Janimist Beagles).


Holly had several Class in Group awards as a youngster, of which we are very proud.

Like her brother, Holly has been growing and maturing, although maybe not as fast as Hamish.  She now measures 13 1/4", so is a pint sized girl, but her attitude and personality is far greater than her physical size.  She certainly keeps me on my toes!

Unfortunately, due to some health problems I have had, and then having Sally's second litter, Holly has not been shown very much since turning a year old, but when she does get shown, and wins, she mostly gets very good points and BOBs.  She still has her days where she isn't interested in showing, but that's a tan and white thing - usually though she doesn't let me down, and it's fairly obvious at times that her colouring is more of a problem to so many judges than anything else about her.  We had one international judge a while ago who very obviously could hardly put his hands on a tan and white - there were 3 others entered under him, and he barely touched any of them, and yet the tri coloured dogs, in particular the very dark ones, were given a good going over!  I always think this is a shame, as some of our best moving and constructed Beagles are tan and whites and broken tris, but all-breed judges, and even some specialist judges, are so busy concentrating on what they consider to be "type" that they forget what the dogs are meant to be bred for!  A hound that can't move is no good to anyone, exept as a pet.  I would not give up movement in my dogs for the sake of having them all looking like clones, or what some people call "type", as mostly those dogs are not built to do the job they were originally bred for.


On Friday 13th January 2012 (definitely not an unlucky Friday 13th for Holly) my little pocket rocket gained her Australian Championship title by getting Bitch Challenge and Runner Up to Best of Breed under South African judge Dr. Heidi Rolfes.  A very exciting evening for me, as this was my first home-bred Beagle to gain the title, and as Holly had been shown so lightly the last year due to the previously mentioned issues, I was thrilled that she came back into the ring and was titled so quickly in the end.  

Holly has since then retired from showing and enjoyed being a house pet.  She has had 3 litters of puppies, two were sired by Aust Ch Teviot Pioneer (Russell, a boy bred and owned by Jane Godfrey, Teviot Beagles, who is a grandson of my boy Scot), and I kept a girl from each of these litters, Jenny (Melodale Heart of Gold) and Rosie (Melodale Outback Rose).  Holly's 3rd litter was sired by my boy, Merlin (Melodale Springtime in Camelot) who is a son of my girl Dee Dee (Aust Ch Melodale Drovers Delight) and Jill Kirk's boy Beaver (Gr Ch Balihai Camelot Court).  I was not able to keep a puppy from the 3rd litter, as I had to be careful about my numbers here at Melodale at the time. They were all lovely puppies though, and I could easily have kept a couple of them for showing!

Holly, like her mother, Sally, is now enjoying live as a retired, mature lady, and likes to play for hours with the youngsters and find the best spot in front of the Coonara heater in the evenings.




Aust Ch Melodale Drovers Delight  (21/2/2011 - )



Dee Dee (Melodale Drovers Delight) was the hungriest puppy I have ever seen, she always seemed to be attached to her mother for a feed right from the start!  She was a very cute, fat baby, very outgoing and full of fun.  She is very like her mother at the same age, just a little bigger!  I am now looking forward to seeing how Dee Dee shapes up, and how she will go in the show ring from 3 to 6 months as a baby puppy.  So far we are looking good, but that could all change!  She is another puppy who thinks she can do as she likes, so is going to be another handful in the ring.  Here's to some fun in the future months!



Above:  Dee Dee at her first show, at KCC Park on 21/5/2011.


Dee Dee was only lightly during that latter part of 2011, due to my ongoing health problems, which are now eventually settling down, and I am looking forward to having more fun with her in 2012.  

Dee Dee has started the year off very well, getting her first Bitch Challenge points under a Japanese Judge, Mr S Sonada, at the South Eastern Kennel Club show, and also took Reserve Bitch Challenge at the two other shows that weekend under a South African and another Japanese judge.  This gives her five or six Reserve Bitch challenges now, if memory serves correctly, I really must do some counting up!  

Dee Dee is finally starting to stand still on the table for the judges to go over her, for some reason she has never liked this part of being in the ring, but on the move she is lovely, and is finally starting to get it all together, which will make it easier for me, and whoever else might need to handle her!  Hopefully she will outgrow her ADHD, and mature into a lovely young lady!

Dee Dee went on to become and Australian Champion at 16 months of age.  She then produced her first litter of pups later in the year, in October, four healthy, and very pretty girls - known as The Spice Girls.  From that litter, I kept Sugar (Melodale Sugar and Spice).

Dee Dee had a second litter in September 2015, sired by Gr Ch Balihai Camelot Court, 6 lovely puppies, from which I kept a boy, Merlin.

Dee Dee is currently waiting for her 3rd and final litter to be started.  A sire has been chosen and we are happily awaiting the start of the process! 


Melodale Sugar and Spice  (23/10/2012 - )

Work in Progress.

Melodale Heart of Gold  (21/4/2013 - )

Work in Progress.

Melodale Outback Rose  (23/1/2016 - )

Work in Progress.

Melodale Mystic Lady  (20/1/2017 - )

Work in Progress.

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