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Congratulations Sally and Scot!

Sally and Scot are proud to announce the arrival of the first Melodale litter on 2nd April 2009.

Their new family consists of one tri coloured boy, two tan and white boys, and a tan and white girl.

Mum, Dad and babies are all doing well, as is their owner, Elaine, otherwise known as Nanna Beagle!



Two puppies will be staying with us, Holly (Melodale Outback Daffodil), the tan and white girl, and Hamish (Melodale Stockman), the tri-colour boy.  Spencer (Melodale Ridgy Didge),one of the tan and white boys is going to his new home in Queensland, where he will be living with Marianne, Shayne and their two sons, and Jake (Melodale Fair Dinkum), the other tan and white boy, will be going to Wheelers Hill to live with Laurie and Heidi.


Whilst I love my tan and whites, and I will be very sad to see both the boys going away to live in their new homes, I have decided that Hamish is the boy to stay.  He is beautifully marked, nicely built, so far is very neat and compact, and has a lovely gentle nature.


Holly, who is a very pretty tan and white girl, is also a very nice, compact little girl so far, and also has a very sweet nature, and loves just cuddling up close, although she can hold her own in a scrap with her brothers, and puts them in their places when she needs to.


More news about the kids will be put on the Girls and Boys pages in the future!  Holly and Hamish will start their show careers early in July 2009, that will be fun, and is something for us to look forward to!


Congratulations Sally and Fergus!

Sally (Ch Teviot Gracious Melody) and Fergus (Ch Teviotdale Drovers Dream) are proud to announce the safe arrival of their litter on 21/2/2011.  

Two boys and a girl were born, unfortunately the first born, a boy, died after about 20 minutes, from birth complications,

which was very sad, but we have two healthy puppies for Sally to mother and love.  And she does that very well!


Both puppies will be staying with me for a while, to see how they shape up for the showring and possible future breeding.



Melodale Drovers Delight, pet name Dee Dee, is a feisty little girl, into everything, bossy with her brother, and very up front with Uncle Scot, takes no rubbish from him!  A very self-assured little girl, a bit naughty when it comes to stacking and walking on a lead - it will be fun to see how she progresses in the ring in a few weeks from now - I think I will have my work cut out for me with this one!


Melodale Drovers Mate, pet name Drover (just for Diana Seelenmeyer who always thought Fergus should have been called Drover!), is a lovely young boy.  He has the most adorable personality, and is definitely so far the more compliant of the two puppies.  He is likely to end up being the hen-pecked one in the group - as all the girls push him around.  On the odd occasion he retaliates, and then look out world, he's all boy when he wants to be!  I am looking forward to working with him in the show ring, as so far, he is the easier of the pair to train, always wanting to do whatever you ask of him.  I'm hoping he matures like his father, who is a lovely boy, and if he does I will be very happy!

The two terrorists will make their show ring debut on 21st May, 2011, and I can't wait for the fun to start!


Congratulations Dee Dee and Cooper!

Dee Dee (Ch Melodale Drovers Delight) and Cooper (Ch Bayhound Walk the Talk) produced a lovely litter of 4 girls, 3 tri colour and 1 tan

and white, on 23/10/2012.  Nice healthy girls, all with pretty heads and markings.




Melodale Sugar and Spice, Melodale Hot and Spicy, Melodale Spice of Life and Melodale Touch of Spice became known as "The Spice Girls".  What a lovely litter they proved to be, and I had a very hard time deciding who to keep.  I think Sugar had me pegged from the start, Ruby chose her family as soon as she saw them, Remy curled up and went to sleep in her new Daddy's arms the moment she met him, and Indie took a big plane ride across the country to Perth to live with her new Mum and Dad, and her little Boxer sister,

Sugar started showing at 13 weeks of age, and had a great start to her show career.  6 Baby Puppies in Group and 1 Baby Puppy in Show, and not shown every weekend.  Then she had a 6 or 7 week break due to more new puppies at home, but still managed a Minor in Group when she did finally get in the ring again.  We aren't showing very often now due to my health issues, but I am hoping she will continue to do well as she goes through puppy, and up into the older classes.  Very proud of my little Spice Girl, Sugar, who is so much like a feminine version of her Daddy, Cooper.



Congratulations Holly and Russell!

Holly (Ch Melodale Outback Daffodil) and Russell (Ch Teviot Pioneer) produced a beautiful litter of 6 puppies on 21/4/2013.  3 tri colour boys, 2 tan and white boys, and 1 tan and white girl.  Another lovely litter that I had a hard time picking from.  This litter was one I had planned from
when Holly was born in 2009, as it doubles back to Holly's father, Scot (Ch Teviot Scot O'Lauderdale).  He is both Holly's father and Russell's grandfather, so it's a line of 7 breeding that I had wanted to try, and am so glad that I did!

Jenny (Melodale Heart of Gold) is a gorgeous little lady, just like her Mummy, Holly.  I think she will probably be as much trouble, too, but I will forgive her anything just as I did with her mother.  She is a compact girl, plenty of bone, a very sweet head and expression, can stand beautifully when she wants to, and move like a dream (but only if she is in the mood!)

Sammy (Melodale Lauders Image) and Leo (Melodale Lauders Reflection) are the tan and white boys.  Sammy, in particular, is very like his grandfather, Scot, but probably going to be better in head as he matures.  He is a very busy boy, always into everything, and very outgoing.  Leo is very similar, just a little smaller in head and ear, and of a quieter nature.  He will be a really cuddly pup.  They have now found a home together with someone who has had a Beagle for 17 years, so will always have each other for company.

Max (Melodale Stand and Deliver) is a very handsome boy.  His new family have patiently waited for over a year to get their tri coloured boy, and so far they are very happy with him.  I have some lovely photos of him in his new home.  I love the one of him with his mortar board hat on from when he graduated from Puppy School.

Hugo (Melodale What a Ripper) is slightly smaller than the other two tri colour boys, and had less white markings on him.  Just the same, he is a lovely boy, nicely put together, and lovely nature.  His new family are all very happy with him, and apparently love him dearly.  They had also had Beagles before, so know all about the mischief he will probably get himself into at times!

Hunter (Melodale Hit the Jackpot) is very similar to Max, it was sometimes hard to tell them apart.  His new family absolutely dote on him.  He has been to school with Ruby, his "big sister", for show and tell, and he has been to work with Mum and Dad.  He loves to snuggle with them on the couch, or in bed for a "lie in" on Sunday mornings.






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